Anyone knows how to debug or ?
It's up and running but I can't register...

ping @dansup if you have a few minutes and an idea on what's happening on my freshly installed instance

@dansup Sure ! I fill the form, send it and I just get back to `/register` without any message or anything, there's a log showing :
[10/Feb/2019:18:07:42 +0000] "GET /register HTTP/1.0" 200 2711
... and I'm out of clues...oh wait a minute !

@dansup Got it !! the form action points to a HTTP URL and my reverse proxy redirect to a HTTPS... so I keep getting back to the form !
I'll try to fix it today and send a PR

@Djyp You should set "APP_URL=https://..." in .env and run "php artisan config:cache"

@dansup I did in the first place, that's why I think there may be a PR to do somewhere

@dansup I found the source of the problem!
"The generated URL will automatically use the scheme (HTTP or HTTPS) and host from the current request"

So I use HTTPS with NginX which send an HTTP request to the container through a private network. This means the app sees an HTTP request and generates routes with the HTTP scheme.

The first solution is to force the scheme in the code, that's dirty.
The best solution is to create certificates between NginX and Docker.

@dansup Thanks for your help, I'll try to post a tutorial or something when everything is worked out

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